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Cat for Adoption
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​About Us


Tyche Paws Rescue is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization rescuing cats and dogs in New York.

We believe every life deserves a good life. We rescue cats and dogs suffering on the street and in endangered locations in New York. The mission of our rescue is to rescue, rehabilitate, bring the rescued animal to vet, place them in foster homes or forever loving homes. All dogs and cats we rescue are neutered; vaccinated; microchipped; tested; treated with defleaing, deworming, and demiting medication as necessary; and more. We work with communities to provide a safer environment for stray cats. We are helping cats rehabilitate, Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) to reduce stray cat population, and fostering young cats and kittens to help them adjusted to be adoptable.

We have an adoption program for all the cats that can be rehabilitated. Most of the animals that were brought to us go on to their forever homes, leading happy and fulfilling lives as a family pet. Those who are too debilitated, old or ill to be placed in a loving home could go to the loving foster homes live out their days.

Adoptable dogs
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Dog of the week


​This sweet little cuddle bug is Hana.  She is 5 months. In January 2022, she was sitting in front of a traveller and staring the fried chicken he was eating at the train station in Wuhan, China. The traveller threw a bone to her, and she quickly got the bone and ate it. Hana caught the attention from a dog rescuer, who passed by fortunately and placed a leash on her and ended her stray life. Young and a playful puppy as she is, full of energy and needs a loving home. Hana is looking forward to forever loving home in New York.

Cat of the week


Prince was trapped in Flushing,New York. He is less than one year old. He loves to greet people and stretch his arms to get your attention. He is an energetic and playful cat. He will be waiting for his forever loving home. 

Adoptable cats
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