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Miracle Happens

Abbe was bitten by some stray dogs and seriously injured his head in January 2023. Luckily he was found by our rescuer and rushed to the vet. It is a miracle that he survived! He lost one of his ears and that does not prevent him from being a cute and wonderful cat! He found his forever loving home now!


Winter was found lying in his own poop on the street at a harsh cold night in Flushing, New York. He had serious eye infection and high fever. He looked so fragile that the rescuer thought he could be leaving the world at any time. His recovery is very slow and finally he stand strongly on his feet!


Christopher was trapped for TNR in December 2022 at Flushing, New York. His suffered from rectal prolapse as his rectal tissue slides out of his body. He recovered from a successful surgery and back to his happy life! Most important he found a sweet loving home with a little buddy!

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